Honey Doughnut and Goodies – Maple Bacon Doughnut

[Start of PSA] So, I just got an email from someone at Health Canada asking me to help people become aware that March is Nutrition Month (read more about it here).  I figured what better way to accomplish this than by having a week long theme of the healthiest foods you can eat?  First off, we’ll talk about doughnuts and then we’ll move onto pies… [End of PSA]

It’s been ages since I’ve been to Deep Cove… so much so that I forgot how tiny this little community is.

Despite being in the middle of January, the place was still busy on the weekend and filled with tourists and locals alike.  We managed to find some parking off the main strip and made a beeline to Honey Doughnut and Goodies.  Fortunately, they still had some doughnuts left so we picked up 2 each of their Original, Chocolate-covered, and Maple Bacon.

Let me just say that these are unlike any other doughnut that I’ve had before.  When the cashier handed me the bag, I was astonished at how heavy it was.

Despite how dense these beauties were, the insides were still very soft and fluffy.  The closest comparison that I think of is to the Chinese “ox-tongue pastry” doughnut (no, not the same ones you eat with congee)… but these were softer on the inside.


The only difference  between the varieties are the toppings and my favourite was the one covered in a maple glaze and generous amounts of real bacon.


These aren’t the kind of doughnuts that you can eat every day (without causing serious health concerns) but they are well worth the trip to at least try them out.

4373 Gallant Avenue
North Vancouver, BC


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