Lucky’s Doughnuts

One of my new favourite spots for doughnuts in Vancouver is Lucky’s Doughnuts inside the 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters on the corner of Main and 13th.  Their hand-crafted designer doughnuts are made fresh from scratch and are almost too gorgeous to eat… almost.

As usual with designer doughnuts, the prices are more than what you would pay at your local Timmy’s.  But Tim Hortons’ doughnuts are actually frozen and shipped to each location so you can’t really compare the two.  On my first visit  in January, it cost me $16.57 for six doughnuts (there’s a slight discount if you buy more than 6 pastries).


The Classic Old Fashioned has always been a favourite of mine.  Lucky’s version is a sour cream old fashioned topped with vanilla glaze.


A variation of the old fashion is the Orange Honey Pistachio ($3.50) – it’s a pistachio-lovers dream come true.


PB&J ($3.50) – they didn’t… did they?  Yup, a square doughnut with jam piped into all 4 corners and a peanut glaze on top.


The Lemon Bismark is filled with lemon curd and covered with granulated sugar.  This is an airy doughnut but a bit denser than the ones you get at Lee’s Donuts and the lemon curd is fairly tart.


The Apple Maple Bacon Fritter  sounded like it had all of the perfect ingredients for me… an apple and bacon fritter topped with a maple glaze and even more bacon.  Unfortunately, I found that it wasn’t as good as I thought it would be.  It’s quite sticky from the maple glaze and the bacon added some saltyness to it but the fritter part needed some work (the texture was a bit softer than I expected for a fritter).

Speaking of Maple Bacon goodies, take a look at the Maple Bacon doughnut that we picked up at Honey Doughnuts and Goodies recently.


The Traditional French Cruller ($3.00) is made of French choux paste fried and topped with vanilla glaze – this is oh-my-goodness good!  It’s puffy and airy… just like biting into a cloud made of sweet yumminess.


I came back for a revisit a week later to grab some more goodies because I wanted to try some of their other doughnuts but they didn’t have all of the ones I wanted to try.


So in addition to the French Crueller, Orange Honey Pistachio, and PB&J, I tried some of their non-doughnut pastries.  The Chocolate Croissant ($3.50) has the characteristic flaky shell surrounding a chocolate filling.


If you like the Orange Honey Pistachio, you’ll love the Pistachio Almond Croissant ($3.50) with the sweet pistachio filling, light and flaky pastry and crunchy almond slivers.


I was surprised at how good their Featured Scone ($3.00) was.  I’m not sure what was in it but I think I tasted candied ginger.

If you didn’t believe me about the PB&J doughnut, take a look at the picture below and you can see the jam stuffed in the corners of the doughnut.


Don’t forget that March is Nutrition Month… I hear pistachios are good for you.

2902 Main Street
Vancouver, BC

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    Seeing all of this yumminess makes me wonder if I can make my own donuts. What kind of crazy creations could I make? (Although I’m pretty lousy in the kitchen and no idea what it takes to make a donut.)

  2. Lucky’s is my fave place too! You have got to try their coconut flavour and the mango one next time you are there. They are out of this world amazing!!

    • There was a bunch of other varieties that I wanted to try but it just depends on what they have available. I tried going late one day but they were almost all sold out. Guess it’s best to go early.

  3. Quattrociocchi

    I second your comment about the maple bacon donut – def needs some work. The best one I’ve had was like a maple long john with crispy bacon on top….and the bacon has to be crispy! The PBJ is to die for – they nailed that one!

  4. Great post! That PB&J one sounds daring.. a must try for sure! As for their maple bacon donut, I’ve never tried Lucky’s but I’ve actually made them before at home 😛 If you are interested, here is my post on it:

  5. Mmm everything looks good! 😛

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