Froshberg Gelato

Froshberg Gelato is a new mall-based franchise outlet serving up a variety of gelato flavours – their latest location being in Richmond Centre’s new Dining Terrace next to the other dessert-themed Pinkberry.

There’s nothing more tempting than seeing the beautiful variety of gelatos all beckoning to be tasted.  Froshberg’s selection, while bright and colourful, isn’t the most impressive gelato display I’ve seen before but it’s still very welcoming (especially considering that it’s located in a mall food court).  I think some actual fresh fruit or toppings on the gelato would have made these standout even more.


Of course, the real test comes in how the gelato tastes.  Due to the lower air content, gelato tends to be denser than ice cream and is usually served at a warmer temperature than regular ice cream.

After taste-testing a couple of selections, we decided on a single serving of Mango.  They really packed the gelato into our container  but I was a bit surprised that the more I ate it, the less it tasted like mango.  As I got closer to the bottom of the container, it actually started to taste more like lemon than mango.


So, while not the best gelato that I’ve had, it’s true that there’s not a lot of other choices when you’re in the mall.  Don’t forget that March is Nutrition Month so grab a fruity gelato and stay tuned for tomorrow’s post on pie.

6551 No 3 Road
Richmond, BC

Froshberg Gelato on Urbanspoon


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