The Mighty Oak – More Than Just a Grocery Store

After finishing off an early morning meal at Slickity Jim’s, I headed down to 18th and Columbia to an interesting corner store called The Mighty Oak.

Nestled in this residential neighbourhood  is a grocery store/coffee shop that is far from the type of neighbourhood grocery shop that I grew up with.  The inside is quite clean and tidy (as if someone with a mild case of OCD had just cleaned up the place) – I’m not complaining… it was much nicer than I’m used to.


Inside, patrons come by to pick up freshly brewed coffee or tempt their sweet tooth with baked goods like the Almond Croissant that I ordered.  There is some inward-facing bench seating in the front of the store along with round white marble mini-tables where you can set down your purchases and converse with others.  While the mini-tables were a bit too low to be a practical coffee table (I suppose they could serve double duty as extra seating), the dark wooden benches and the white counters gave a nice clean look to the shop.

I have a thing for almond croissants and this one was as good as any other I’ve had.  As usual, it’s a bit messy with the sliced almonds and the sugar dusting but well worth it.  The croissant had a nice delicate crunch to the exterior and a pleasant sweet filling.


Now, one of the main reasons why I came here on this February morning was because I heard that they carry pies from The Pie Hole in Vancouver.  Shortly after I arrived, the freshly baked pies were delivered and I picked up a Mac and Cheese Pie ($12) and a Key Lime Pie in a Jar ($6).


I would normally avoid anything in jars but this was good.  The crust was a bit stuck to the jar though and hard to dig out.


I love the fact that The Pie Hole has both savory and sweet pies.  I think the next time, I want to try their Chicken Pot Pie or their Bacon Double Cheeseburger Pie.  By the time you read this post, they will probably be in a few more shops (or you can order them directly through their website).  Love the name “The Pie Hole”.  I used to watch Pushing Daisies and always thought that if I opened up a pie shop, it would be called “The Pie Hole”.


Back to The Mighty Oak… it seems like the place is popular with the local residents in the area.  The owner seemed to know the regulars by name  and was sharing a story about how the name “The Mighty Oak” came about.  Apparently, back when he was living in Toronto, he saw some type of development on Yonge Street called “The Mighty Oak” and thought it would be an awesome name for a bar.  Fast forward to present day and when he and his partner opened up this shop,  they remembered the name and thought it would be fitting given all of the large trees that line Columbia St. and 18th Ave.  Not to mention the fact that the oak tree symbolizes strength in deep roots, endurance, and growth.  I’m sure that they are well on their way to building a strong connection to their neighbourhood.

Stay tuned for our post tomorrow where we’ll show a couple of more pies from The Pie Hole.

Also, don’t forget that March is Nutrition Month so go get yourself a healthy dose of pie and coffee and then go for a stroll amongst the tree-lined streets around The Mighty Oak.

198 West 18th Avenue
Vancouver, BC

The Mighty Oak on Urbanspoon


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