The Pie Hole – Savory and Sweet Pies

As I mentioned on my last post on The Mighty Oak, one of the main reasons for visiting was to pick up fresh baked pies from The Pie Hole in Vancouver.  There’s a few other places that they supply and your best bet right now is to check their twitter feed @pieholevan as they usually tweet when they make deliveries.

Jenell’s mentioned that they’re working on updating their website so you can order online.  Until then, you can always call or email them to place your order.

Just to get this out of the way, the pies are on the more expensive side.  The savory 4.5″ pies you see below are $12 each and the Bailey’s Pecan Tart was $6.  They also have 9″ savory pies for $27, savory handpies at $9, and pie pops at $2.50 each (minimum 12).

Their fruit pies are $22 for 9″, $10 for 4.5″, $7.50 for handpies, and $2 each for pie pops (minimum 12).

Cream pies are $24 for 9″, and $11 for 4.5″ pies.


The Bailey’s Pecan Tart must be a favourite because they sold out quickly at The Mighty Oak… even at the $6 price tag.


Unfortunately, they didn’t have any of the large sweet pies at The Mighty Oak when I visited but they did have 2 of the savory pies that I wanted to try.  The Turkey and Brie is actually pretty filling and would make a good lunch or dinner meal.  There’s plenty of turkey filling inside the golden-domed pie and the cranberry sauce makes it feel like you’re having a Thanksgiving meal.


The Bacon Cheeseburger Pie is just like what you would expect from the name… right down to the chunks of pickles within the beefy filling.  It’s all topped off with cheese and bacon underneath the flaky pie crust (although I wish there were a bit more cheese).


The pie fillings are all cooked and you can order the pies from The Pie Hole either fresh or frozen.  The frozen pies are good for quick meals and the fresh savory pies just needs to be heated up in a small oven or even microwaved.

Their sweet pies look awesome and I’d like to try them out sometime (especially the S’more Pie, Lemon Meringue, or their deep-fried pie pops).

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post on the smallest pie shop in Vancouver… The Pie Shoppe.

Update: Apr 2013 – We went back to The Mighty Oak recently and picked up a Strawberry Rhubarb Pie that was overflowing with filling.  Slightly sweet and mildly tart.


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  1. it’s all your fault i had to get a chicken pie for lunch cuz the commons is only 3 blocks from home. lol

  2. ohhh AKC tonight, what a great idea! d’oh! you did it again! 😀

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