The Pie Shoppe – Smallest Pie Shop in Vancouver?

Late last year, The Pie Shoppe opened up in a little nook located in Chinatown.  If you walk along Gore Street, you couldn’t be blamed for missing this little shop next to Lok’s Produce.

In fact, they self-proclaim themselves as the smallest pie shop in Vancouver… and when entering their store, it’s easy to see why.  It’s quite minimalistic – a table on one side where they serve coffee and a table on the other side where they keep their freshly baked pies.  There’s a small counter at the window where a few diners could enjoy their purchases and listen to the collection of vinyl records that adorn a shelving unit that serves double-duty for the coffee section.

We picked up a slice each of the Apple Raspberry and the Blueberry Pies.  Most slices are either $6 or $7 so they aren’t the cheapest pies around.

The Apple Raspberry had plenty of thinly slices apples inside the filling stuffed into the light and flaky pie crust.


I think the Blueberry was the best of the ones we tried.  It had the same flaky, sugared pie crust that the Apple Raspberry had and the filling wasn’t too tart.  I’ve had blueberry pie at White Spot before where they basically just take the blueberries and cover it in some kind of syrup with no pie crust on top (personally, it seems more like a tart than a pie).  The Pie Shoppe’s version is more in line with what I expect for a home-baked pie.


It was too bad that they didn’t have the Chocolate Pecan when we visited because I really wanted to try that out.

If you’re in Chinatown (say visiting Phnom Penh perhaps), you should try them out.

IMG_20130223_115141Update:  As it turns out, I came back the following weekend to pick up a slice of their Chocolate Pecan.

I usually don’t come down to Chinatown anymore… and when I do, it’s not usually during noon on a weekend.  I was a bit surprised that it was so busy around this area.  I thought most of the shoppers go to Richmond or some other Asian area to get their groceries.

I suppose there’s still a group of old school people that come down here to get their produce and meats.

Anyhoo, I must have spent a good ten minutes trying to find parking.  It brought back a flood of memories from my younger years… people jaywalking to and fro, cars running red lights, and drivers double-parked all over the place.

I finally found some nearby parking and quickly made my way to The Pie Shoppe.

I ordered a slice of the Chocolate Pecan ($7) to go.

IMG_20130223_160546As expected, the pie is a bit sweet but I didn’t think it was overly sweet considering the ingredients.

Unlike the fruit pies that you can marginally convince yourself are “good for you”,  the Chocolate Pecan is simply pure indulgence.

If you’ve read my blog long enough, you probably know that we somehow always manage to have some snafu happen to us  (or our food or our reservations).  When they were putting my slice of pie into the take-out container, the pie slipped and landed (face down of course) on the counter.  They offered to get me a new slice but it didn’t look like much damage was done to the slice… and I figured it would make for a good story later on.


The main problem with a pie shop this small is that there isn’t a whole lot of variety available.  Plus, if you’re just dropping by out of the blue, you can’t be sure which pies will be there.  If you plan on making a special trip out here, you can either call them ahead of time or check out their twitter feed @thepieshoppe as they often tweet which types of pies they will be making for the next day.

If you’re looking for pies on the savory side, try looking at our last post on The Pie Hole.

721 Gore Street
Vancouver, BC

The Pie Shoppe on Urbanspoon


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