The Reef (Commercial Dr) – Bajan Fried Chicken

It’s been a very long time since we’ve been down The Drive.  Seeing as how it was December 27th, we were trying to avoid the hordes of shoppers at the various malls and stores looking for Boxing Week sales.

The Reef on Commercial Drive seemed like the best spot to pick up some lunch and, sure enough, it was practically dead when we arrived.  We’ve previously eaten at The Reef on Main Street for brunch but this time, we wanted to try out some of their regular dishes.

The Ocean Wise Island Crab Cakes ($9) is served with a lime chili aioli sauce and were perfectly fried up with a hint of curry.


We decided to try out their December three course menu for $28 (a $4 savings from the regular price of the dishes).

Lobster Accras ($10) – Accras means “fritters” so these were lobster fritters served with habenero marmalade dipping sauce.  To be honest, I couldn’t taste any lobster in these beautifully fried creations.  However, they were both crispy and crunchy on the outside and soft and flavourful on the inside.  Despite the habernero, the marmalade was more sweet than spicy and it worked quite well with the accras.


The Bajan Fried Chicken ($16) isn’t a misspelling of “Baja”.  Bajan (or Barbadian) actually refers to the recipe originating from Barbados.  The dish comes served with a generous portion of yummy mashed potatoes (hidden under the huge piece of chicken), thick gravy, veggies and coleslaw.

The fried chicken was amazing and had a superbly crispy shell.  I was expecting that the chicken might be dry because it was such a large serving of breast meat but it was very tender and juicy.  I would say that it’s as good as the buttermilk fried chicken we had at Chewies (but they are completely different).


Lastly, the December special came with the Coconut Caramel Flan ($6) which is a gluten-free Spanish custard.  It basically tasted like a cross between a crème caramel and a Chinese cocktail bun.  I wasn’t a big fan of all of the shredded coconut but some people might like it.


For some reason, I don’t see the Bajan Fried Chicken on their online menu right now so it might not be always available.

1018 Commercial Drive
Vancouver, BC

The Reef on Urbanspoon

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