Olive Garden (Langley) – Breadsticks!

Are you one of those people who watch Glee but pretend not to?  Yeah, me neither.  However, I have accidentally caught a glimpse of an episode where they were talking about a place called “BreadstiX” which apparently is a send-up on Olive Garden. 

Prior to a few years ago, if you lived in Vancouver and wanted to go to Olive Garden, you’d have to drive down to the States.  We’ve been to the location that they opened up in Langley before and it usually seems pretty busy when we visit.  They have those little wireless buzzers that they give to patrons to tell them when their table is ready.  We figured, “Perfect!”… instead of waiting in the restaurant, we decided to do some shopping in the nearby stores.  The problem is that the wireless buzzers must have a limited range because it started going off while we were shopping in one of the stores and it wouldn’t shut off (and no, it wasn’t telling us that our table was ready).  We just did our best to try to muffle the noise and not look like we were shoplifting.

One of the reasons to eat at Olive Garden is the unlimited salad (or soups) and breadsticks.  The salad is actually pretty good with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, and hot peppers.


The breadsticks aren’t those thin, dry cardboard sticks that you get at some places.  Instead, they’re soft with a slight crunch from the crust and pretty difficult to have just one.  We also picked up a couple of drinks… the Italian Orange Soda (which is basically orange syrup mixed with soda water) and the Strawberry and Mango Margarita which came in a large glass.


I made the mistake of ordering the Parmesan Crusted Tilapia ($20.25) – As you can probably tell from the picture below, I think they overcooked it which resulted in the fish being dry.  Plus, there was way too much parmesan topping… perhaps it wouldn’t have been as bad if it wasn’t burnt, but as it was, the burnt parmesan gave it a harsh taste so I scraped most of it off.

One of the reasons why I ordered this dish was for the angel hair pasta but I should have read closer where it says it was served in a light garlic butter sauce.  The pasta was cooked fine but to call the sauce “light” would be an understatement as there was barely a hint of any flavour to it.


The Stuffed Chicken di Mare topped with sauteed shrimp in a seafood cream sauce was much better.  The tender and moist chicken was stuffed with italian cheese and sun dried tomatoes and served with a side of roasted butternut squash.


While we were a bit stuffed from all of the breadsticks, we wound up ordering the Triple Chocolate Strata ($7.95) for dessert.  It’s an Italian chocolate torte layered with mousse and covered in dark chocolate ganache.  Despite all of the chocolate, it really didn’t taste too chocolatey… perhaps it was because the cake layers weren’t too moist and the mousse wasn’t too creamy.


We’ve been here in the past and I think it really depends on which dish you order – it’s pretty much hit-or-miss.

20080 Langley Bypass
Langley, BC


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