Crave on Main – Brunch

Crave on Main is a tiny little restaurant almost diagonally across from Sun Sui Wah and is popular for their brunch items that are served daily until 2pm (Note: they close on Mondays).

It’s a bit cramped inside this restaurant so there is a noticeable din from the neighbouring patrons.

We started our meal with the daily soup – Seafood Chowder ($6) – chunks of cod, potato and bacon in a creamy white base.


Build Your Own Omelette ($10) – mushrooms, back bacon, tomato, scallions, and cheddar cheese.  There are many toppings that you can choose from or you can pick one of their daily specials.  Ours turned out to be quite cheesy and came with buttery potatoes and a side of multigrain toast and watermelon slice.


Pulled Pork on Bacon and Cheddar Biscuit ($14) – served with a large serving of their buttery potatoes and a watermelon slice.  I like that they asked how I wanted my poached eggs cooked as I like mine runny.  One of the eggs was only partially runny but the other one was done just right and burst open to reveal a gloriously runny yolk when I poked it… I was even a bit surprised at the force of the yolk as it popped out.

Instead of an English muffin, they use a house made biscuit that I thought provided a much better textural component to the dish.  Usually, an English muffin gets lost in bennys but the crunchy exterior of the biscuit held up quite well to the pulled pork and the eggs.


It was quite busy on the Saturday that we visited and I can see why it’s so popular.  The meals are very hearty with the perfectly cooked buttery potatoes – they had a great crunchy exterior and, despite how filling the rest of my dish was, I couldn’t stop myself from eating the potatoes.

3941 Main Street
Vancouver, BC

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