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My first visit to Wings (not to be confused with House of Wings a few blocks away) was on a late December weekday.  The lighting inside this pub is quite bright but the decor is mainly dark tones with black tables & seating, and dark coffered ceilings.

It wouldn’t really be a visit to Wings without trying one of their 20+ varieties of wings.  Not having been here before, I wasn’t really sure which flavour would be best so I didn’t want to try anything too hot and wound up ordering a pound of Bula Fiji Wings ($8.38) with wowy sauce.

Despite the chili flakes on the wings, they turned out not to be very spicy at all… perhaps a bit sweet and spicy.  The wings were actually pretty tasty and were a bit juicy but I don’t think “Fiji” would be an appropriate description as they didn’t taste very Fijian.


I also ordered the Stadium Burger ($8.98) with Bacon (+$1.28) and Cheese (+$1.28).  The burger was somewhat messy to eat because the bun was soft and didn’t hold up well to the meat, cheese, mayo, pickles, and tomato-garlic relish.  I think a slightly toasted brioche bun would have been a better choice but I was still fairly impressed by the burger nonetheless.  I found the fries to be quite salty and could have used a less liberal application of NaCl.


Given the large number of wings that they offer, I wondered if there was really a lot of difference between the different varieites and made a point to come back for a revisit.

The next time I visited, instead of a burger and fries, I went for the Calypso Sandwich with Spinach Salad ($10.18).  The spinach salad comes with mushrooms, bacon, dried cranberries, toasted almond slivers, and a pomegranate-ginger dressing over the baby spinach.  It wasn’t bad but could have used some more crunchy components like walnuts.


As I took a bite out of this, the bun gave way with a slight crisp/crunch to reveal near perfection with lettuce, tomato, onions, cheese and thinly-breaded chicken.


Since I didn’t find the Fiji wings to be very spicy, I thought I’d kick it up a notch on my next visit.  I’m not so much interested in heat for the sake of heat but would rather have something spicy that has flavour to it.  That’s why I decided against ordering the Bobby Wing (the one where you need to sign a waiver)… I’m sure it would be quite hot but I doubt that it would have any flavour to it.

Instead, I went one level down from the Bobby Wing and ordered the Jakarta Heat ($8.38).  When they brought this plate of wings to my table, I could definitely smell the spiciness wafting through the air.  This isn’t the same type of spiciness as the wings at Phnom Penh but I enjoyed them because there was still plenty of flavour to the wings.  Be warned though, the heat from these wings builds in your mouth so you might not feel it right away.


It was a good thing that these wings were spicy because when I exited the restaurant, I found out that one of my tires was flat and it was pretty cold outside.  The heat from the wings helped to keep my stomach warm while my fingers wound up freezing for the next hour.

6879 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC

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