Lucy’s Eastside Diner – Angry Birds and the Three Little Pigs

Are you looking for a good old-fashioned greasy spoon diner?  You don’t have to go very far because tucked into a little nook on Main Street is Lucy’s Eastside Diner.  This 24-hour restaurant really has that diner vibe going on – right down to the old-fashioned tabletops that look like they haven’t been changed in decades and the 80’s music playing in the background. 

On my first visit in mid-January, I did what probably everyone else has done on their first visit here… tried to open the door and then stand there looking perplexed while patrons inside the diner watch on.  It turns out the door can get very sticky and hard to open so I had to give it a good pull before being able to get inside.  It’s the typical dive-ish thing that lends to the charm of the place and reminds me a bit of Mel’s Diner from the TV show Alice back in the 70’s-80’s.

It was still pretty early on the morning that I visited so I decided on a Mighty Leaf Organic Earl Grey Tea ($2) instead of one of their milkshakes (which I’ve really got to try sometime).


Gotta love the cutesy names for their dishes… I ordered the Three Little Pigs Bennies ($10.75) – clockwise from top bacon, ham, and chorizo bennies.  My hashbrowns were cooked perfectly crispy and crunchy and the runny yolks from the poached eggs flowed smoothly over the dish.  The velvety soft hollandaise sauce was equally good. I love the smell of ham and bacon in the morning so this was a good choice for me.


I liked the food so much that I decided to come back the following week to try out some of their other offerings.  I thought that it was only fitting that, since I ordered the Three Little Pigs the last week, I should order the Angry Birds on this next visit.


Angry Birds $9 – they take two hard boiled eggs and then wrap them up in bacon and then encase the whole thing in meatloaf!  Dude!  It’s served with mashed potatoes and veggie but the sides really aren’t that great in this dish… especially the veggies as they were quite bland.   Although the bacon wasn’t crispy (I think it’s because it’s cooked within the giant meatloaf balls) I really liked the meatloaf and flavourful gravy.  The dish was a bit greasy but what do you really expect from a greasy spoon diner?


I’d really like to try out their Mac n’ Cheese & Meatloaf Hoagie – it sounds awesome and artery-clogging all at the same time.

The service that I had on both visits was friendly and it seemed like people were enjoying themselves… even the guy mopping up the floors was singing along to the music while he was working.  If you come here, don’t expect linen tablecloths or impeccably clean utensils… just embrace Lucy’s for what it is… a dive and proud of it.

2708 Main Street
Vancouver, BC

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  1. I am obsessed with milkshakes! We tried here the other week solely for that reason…and for the pulled pork burger I saw on their online menu (Which sadly they didn’t have on their real menu!) I then excitedly ordered their Oreo shake and when it came it was so gross and tasted like it had been made with sour milk! It was a big disappointment, so be wary of their milkshakes in the future!

  2. The Hollandaise sauce on the eggs Benedict looks really good.

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