Shang Noodle House (Starlight)

Located right next to the Kirin at Starlight Casino is Shang Noodle House.  While they both belong to the Kirin Group of restaurants, they’re going after a different market.  Kirin is more of an upscale restaurant that’s well suited to large family meals whereas Shang Noodle House is more of an unpretentious place where you can grab a quick bite to eat… nothing overly complicated here.

The decor is a lot less formal than Kirin and more in line with what you would expect for a noodle joint.


Shang has a few special combos and on our first visit we picked their Special D Combo ($9.50) which included Shanghai Style Wonton Traditional Ramen in Japanese Mushroom Soup, a Mushroom Spring Roll, and Lychee Juice.  The lychee juice was sweet and had a strong flavour but was quite good.  A mushroom spring roll doesn’t sound very exciting but the mushrooms inside the crispy wrapper were velvety soft and contrasted nicely with the crispiness of the spring roll.  The only downside was that there was a little oil in the dish – I think it would have been better if they tried to drain the oil a bit or serve it on some greens to soak up the oil (if you leave a spring roll sitting in oil for too long, it’s going to lose it’s crispiness).


The noodles actually didn’t remind me of any ramen that I’ve had in the past but I’m not sure if I can put my finger on what it was.  That’s not to say it wasn’t good… it just wasn’t what I expected.  I think the noodles had a good toothy texture but they were a bit starchy.  The wonton had a pleasant meaty filling but I could have done without the niblets.


The Deep Fried Squid in Spicy Peppery Salt ($5.28) was fried up extra crispy and had a bit too much fried batter for my preferences.  Again, not bad (and I’m sure some other people really like this type of squid preparation) but not something I would order for lunch… maybe for a late-night snack.


I was quite surprised at how good the Steamed Shanghai Pork Dumplings ($4.28) were.  They had plenty of soup on the inside and a fairly thin skin (except for at the top of the dumpling).  Underneath each dumpling was a round carrot sliver – I’m not sure what for becase it made it difficult to dunk into the vinegar dipping sauce.


We came by on another day to visit Kirin but the lineup was too long so we decided to just go next door to Shang and try some of their other items.

The BBQ Duck Spinach Ramen in Japanese Mushroom Soup ($7.88) was very similar to the “ramen” that we had previously but with green spinach noodles.


The BBQ duck was served on the side and had a good portion of duck for the price.


Shang doesn’t have a full dim sum menu but they do carry some of the more popular dishes.  Given the smaller portion sizes, it lends itself well to diners who want to try a little bit of everything but don’t want to order the normal full servings that you get at a standard dim sum restaurant.  The Steamed Pork and Prawn Dumpling with Flying Fish Roe ($2.38) was not the best that I’ve had but neither was it the worst.  This time around, however, one of my XLB broke and I lost some of the soup.  I wonder if they put the carrot slice underneath to try to prevent the dumpling from breaking?


The snack that I really enjoyed was the Slider of Sliced Braised Beef Shank with Pan Fried Onions ($3.28)… if this is what fusion food is about, I’m all for it.  The bun reminded me of a Shanghai deep fried bun (the kind that you usually eat with condensed milk) – nice and crispy on the outside.  The meat was good but I really liked the pan fried onions that smothered everything… if you’re looking for a perfect snack food… this is it.  The only drawback is that the bread is quite filling.


So if you show up for dim up at Kirin Seafood Restaurant and their lineup is too long (and if you don’t mind the more casual atmosphere), try out Shang Noodle House next door.  Just don’t expect the noodles to be your typical ramen.

350 Gifford Street
New Westminster, BC

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