Turkish Donair

Have you ever eaten somewhere and had a great meal only to discover that when you go back, it’s never as good as that first time?

IMG_20130226_171329Turkish Donair is located between Valley Bakery and Broken Rice in Burnaby Heights and we first visited a number of years ago.  At the time, we remembered their donairs being pretty great… plenty of filling, and juicy meats.

With our previous visit squarely in mind, we stopped by this little shop late on a weekday for a quick bite.

Before you get the wrong idea, the donairs weren’t bad… they just weren’t as spectacular as I remembered them to be.

We ordered a small Regular Lamb Donair ($4.49) and a small Lebanese Chicken Donair ($4.99).

The lamb comes with tomato, onion, lettuce, and tzatziki sauce while the Lebanese chicken comes with tomato, onion, lettuce, tabouleh, hummus, and tzatziki.  I didn’t really taste much tabouleh in the Lebanese chicken (House of Taste was better but I think they’re closed now).  And Solav Souvlaki (which has recently moved locations) had a really good lamb donair.

Plus, you can have hot sauce (sriracha) added to your donairs.

They trim the meat off of the vertical broiler/spit and then further cook the meat (in Canada, after a number of e. coli cases involving donairs, Heath Canada recommended that all such donair meat go through a secondary cooking method to ensure the meat is properly cooked).

For the price, it’s a pretty good donair and they have a few different varieties available so they make for a decent snack or light meal.


4066 Hastings Street
Burnaby, BC

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