Phnom Penh – Oyster Pancake and Chicken Wings on Everyone’s Birthday

On the seventh day of the Lunar New Year, people celebrate Yan Yat… “Everyone’s Birthday”.  I suppose in certain cultures, the individual’s birthday was not as important as the New Year’s date so they conventionally added one year to their age on this date.

What better way to celebrate everyone’s birthday than having a feast at Phnom Penh?  We started out with the Steamed Rice Rolls with Ham and the Deep Fried Spring Rolls served with vermicelli noodles.  The spring rolls were meaty and fried up to a perfect crispness.


Is there anything better than a plate of Phnom Penh’s famous Deep Fried Chicken Wings?  How about 2 plates?  We’ve had some pretty good wings at other places (like Broken Rice and Indochine) but the lightly battered wings from Phnom Penh is usually the standard that we compare other places with.


Other favourite dishes are the Spicy Garlic Squid and the sweet and tart Marinated Butter Beef.  The squid is prepared the same way as the chicken and served with the tangy dipping sauce.


If you’ve seen some of our previous posts, you know that we usually order the Luc Lac Beef with Fried Egg but, this time around, I wanted to try something different.  The Trieu Chau Pan Fried Oyster Cake had a nice crispness to the exterior while the inside was still chewy and filled with chopped up oyster pieces.  I really liked this version compared to some of the Taiwanese versions we’ve had at other restaurants that are too goopy.


Phnom Penh opens pretty early (10am) compared to other restaurants and they always seem busy during the regular peak periods.

244 E Georgia Street
Vancouver, BC

Phnom Penh 金邊小館 on Urbanspoon

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  1. Fun. Love PP.

  2. Yum yum yum yum yum!!!! Being new to Vancouver I’ve been told to go to Phnom Penh + heard all about their famous chicken wings! After reading this post + drooling over the pictures I’m definitely going to check it out now!

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