Cindy’s Palace – Dim Sum

Cindy’s Palace is a small restaurant located at the corner of Nanaimo and 2nd Avenue in Vancouver.  There’s actually not a lot of large tables in the restaurant – there only seemed to be a few tables that could fit 8 or more people comfortably – most looked like medium-sized tables that could fit at most 6 people or smaller-sized tables for 4 people.

The tables and chairs are covered fabrics with mainly gold and red colours, and strangely enough, sea foam green?

The Steamed Rice Roll with Chinese Donut ($3.98) came served upright, which is an interesting presentation method… you can see the airy, crispy Chinese donut wrapped within the soft rice roll.  A lot of restaurants serve this with both hoisin and peanut sauce (in addition to soy sauce) but Cindy’s sticks with the more popular sweet hoisin sauce.


The Steamed Spareribs with Pumpkin ($3.98) actually had some large chunks of squash underneath the spareribs.

The Stuffed Eggplant in Black Bean Sauce ($6.98) was oddly prepared… it was cut into thick rolls with the filling only on one side.  I like it better when restaurants slice the eggplant diagonally (like at Empire Seafood) so it maximizes the filling-to-eggplant coverage ratio.  The eggplant itself was nice and tender but even when we asked them to cut the pieces in 2, they cut the pieces horizontally so only one side had the filling on it.


We saw that they had clams but, instead of getting the steamed clams in black bean sauce, we tried the Clams with Pepper and Garlic ($6.98) which came served up with spicy fried garlic.  These were really good… like crack clams.


You can’t go for dim sum and not order a dumpling dish.  The Shrimp and Pea Tips Dumpling ($4.25) were enormous and had plenty of filling inside the translucent wrapper.

We also wound up ordering  Deep Fried Squid with Spicy Salt ($6.98) – similar in flavour with the clams.  The squid were lightly coated and fried up with garlic.  We eventually wound up taking most of it home because we were getting full.


As our visit was in mid-February, I knew that it was almost time for Alaskan King Crab season to start and memories of our previous feasts made me inclined to order the Baked Tapioca Pudding ($3.98).  I like that they have these individual servings as a full-sized dish would be just too much to order unless you had a big table (or a hollow leg).


1796 Nanaimo Street
Vancouver, BC

Cindy's Palace 頭啖湯美食專家 on Urbanspoon

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