Slickity Jim’s Chat n’ Chew

Are you looking for someplace to have breakfast?  How about a busy little spot that’s got a flair for interesting names?

I’ve never been here before but I’ve heard of the story of how the original Slickity Jim’s at Main and Broadway burned down in 2009.  And, that the current location suffered fire damage 2 years later.  Well, it seems like nothing can keep them down because they bounced back and are still quite popular.

It was an early Saturday morning in February when I first visited.  I knew that they opened at 8:30am but I was suprised that they were already open (with patrons already seated inside) when I arrived just before 8:30am.  I like that… if you say you’re going to be open at a certain time (and if you’re ready) why not open a couple of minutes early instead of making your guests freeze outside?


While I started off with a simple Hot Chocolate ($2.75), I had a bit of a harder time trying to decide what to have for breakfast since they have a number of options on their menu and the odd names can be a bit confusing at first.  I decided on the Morning Yearning ($9.75) which came with two free run eggs prepared in any manner (I felt like sunny side up today since the sun was making a rare appearance today), plentiful red-skinned roasted potatoes, 2 rashers of bacon, chorizo sausage, grilled tomato and toast.


The eggs were fried up perfectly and the bacon, while a little fatty in some spots, was crisped up nicely.  The grilled tomato was an extremely thick slice (looked like it was basically 1/2 of a tomato) and I think it would have been a bit better if they had made it into 2 thinner slices of tomato.  The seasoned potatoes were okay but I tend to prefer crisp hashbrowns for breakfast time over roasted potatoes (which I probably wouldn’t have minded if it was later in the day).   They have hot sauce (sriracha and some Mexican hot sauce) at the table which gave the potatoes a nice kick.

This joint filled up pretty fast and was almost completely full by 9am.  It’s got more of a diner vibe to it compared to Lucy’s Eastside Diner (which feels more dive-ish) and the waitresses were friendly enough given how busy it was.

3475 Main Street
Vancouver, BC

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