Yolk’s Breakfast – Chicken n’ Waffles

February was Food Truck Fest at Vancouver Farmers Market and I dropped by on the last Saturday.  As it turned out, the day was pleasantly sunny (but still bitterly cold).  My sights today was to visit Yolk’s and try out some of their wares.

The Winter Farmers Market is held at Nat Bailey Stadium on Saturdays from 10am to 2pm.  Since I had just had an early morning breakfast at nearby Slickity Jim’s (and a delicious almond croissant at the equally nearby The Mighty Oak), I didn’t have much room left for anything but one dish.


Normally, with a name like “Yolk’s”, I would order an egg dish (I hear they have some killer poached eggs) but I had just had a couple of eggs earlier in the day.


The special for today was their Fried Chicken and Waffles ($8.95) served with a chicken fried steak-type gravy and maple syrup.


It took about 15 minutes of standing in the bitter cold wind before my order came up but it was quite a sexy-looking dish.  The sweetness of the maple syrup was wafting through the air and I’m sure there were many nearby patrons who could have gone into a diabetic shock just from the aroma.


Serving wise, it’s not a huge dish – there are 3 breaded and deep fried chicken cutlets smothered in gravy and sandwiched between 2 quarters of a waffle that is drenched in maple syrup.  It’s not the best chicken and waffles that I’ve had (I prefer the more tender fried chicken pieces that we had at Chewies) but the addition of the gravy was a luxurious treat.  Adding a bit of sriracha sauce helped to cut through the sweetness of the syrup and waffles.  I think if they used a different cut of meat instead (like boneless chicken thigh), it would have been much better.

Yolk’s location varies so it’s best to check out their website (or twitter feed @yolksbreakfast) to find out where they’ll be.  One of the other problems with a food truck is that certain specials are only available on specific days of the week – so you may not always be able to get your particular craving satisfied.

I’ve got to come back and try one of their egg dishes… I hear they poach their eggs soft so the runny yolk just bursts into your mouth.

Food Truck
Vancouver, BC


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