Earls Kitchen + Bar (Lansdowne)

For some reason, I always forget that there is an Earls located in Lansdowne Mall.  Maybe it’s because the mall entrance to this restaurant is usually closed requiring you to enter from outside of the mall.  I’m only bringing this up because when we came by to visit this Earls in February, we walked right by the outside entrance and spent a perplexing few moments trying to find the mall entrance.  We eventually went back outside the mall and entered through their outside entrance and sat down to enjoy some comfortable eats.

We’ve had the Clam Chowder ($7) before at their other locations.  It’s a very chunky soup with baby clams, bacon, and garden vegetables.

We also picked up 1 lb of Thai Chicken Wings ($11.50) that came with parmesan dip and celery sticks.


The Grilled Chicken and Baked Brie ($13.75) – is served on a ciabatta bun and is quite good (if not messy).  Inside the sandwich is tender grilled chicken, melted brie, and spinach.  In addition, the roasted apple slices gave it a nice crunch while the fig jam imparted the right amount of sweetness.  The sandwich is served with addictive (albeit salty) skinny fries.  The things that made this sandwich so messy is actually what I enjoyed the most (not the messy aspect)… the brie that oozed all over the place and the fig jam.


5300 No. 3 Road
Richmond, BC


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