Church’s Chicken (Lougheed) – Memories of Deep-Fried Apple Pies

Those of you that are old enough will remember when McDonald’s used to serve deep-fried apple pies.  The crispy, crunchy, deep-fried crust filled with chunks of tender apple and gooey sauce… what’s not to love?  Then, one day (about the same time the McPizza debuted in Canada), they mysteriously vanished only to be replaced with the far inferior “baked” apple pie.

Well, there’s still a fast food outlet where you can reminisce about those days of yore – Church’s Chicken still fries up their Apple Pies (they use frozen McCain apple pies that are fried up in the same manner as their fries and crispy chicken).  It even comes with that familiar warning on the packaging telling you that the filling may be hot.  When I was a kid, I always ignored that cautionary message and would wind up burning the top of my mouth with the hot but sweet apple filling.


We also picked up the 8 Pieces of Legs and Thighs special for $18.99 and it came with some dessert bites and medium fries and gravy.  I don’t understand why they don’t put their medium fries in a box… they take a small paper fry pouch and fill it with fries, then drop it in a brown bag and pour more fries in the brown bag.  If the fry pouch was too small, they should have used a bigger one or a box.  As it was, the brown bag soaked up a bunch of oil from the loose fries… it was lucky that the bag didn’t break.

The dessert bites included in the meal weren’t what I was expecting.  In the poster at the store, they kind of looked like mini danishes but they turned out to be more like some type of fried dough covered with icing.  Not that I’m against that – in fact, I found the firm and crunchy bites to be pretty good.


So if you’re looking to bring back some fond memories of deep-fried goodness, try picking up a deep-fried apple pie at Church’s.

4267 Lougheed Highway
Burnaby, BC

Church's Chicken on Urbanspoon

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