Edible Arrangements (Kitsilano) – Pearadise Celebration

Over the years, we’ve become a fan of the fruity offerings of Edible Arranagements.  Aside from the high sugar content, it would seem to be a healthier choice when compared to a large box of chocolates and tastier than a flower arrangement. 


IMG_20130302_102311We usually like going to the West Van location because we have less problems at that location and the presentation seems to be a bit better but the Kits location (near the Arbutus Walk location of Quiznos) is closer to us and doesn’t involve going over a bridge.  *Update: a new location opened up in Burnaby near Brentwood.

The Pearadise Celebration has many of their usual favourite fruits in addition to crisp pear slices that are dipped in chocolate.

Some of the other fruits included in the basket are honeydew and cantaloupe wedges, strawberries, grapes, and pineapple that has been cut into the shape of stars and daisies.

They skewer the fruit and then put the skewers in kale to hold it in place.  It’s held in place so well that it’s sometimes a little difficult to extract the fruit from the basket.

The one downside to this kind of arrangement is that it really needs to be kept refrigerated if you’re not going to eat it right away (otherwise the chocolate melts rather quickly).  And if you have a small fridge like ours, that can be a bit of a problem.

2779 Arbutus Street
Vancouver, BC


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