Cactus Club Cafe (Richmond)

The Cactus Club located at 5500 No. 3 Road is not exactly styled in the same manner as their other locations… as a matter of fact, it looks like this location hasn’t had a reno for quite some time.

If you’re just here for the food, however, that shouldn’t matter too much.  We started off with an order of Edamame ($7.50).  These unripened soy beans are served steaming hot and sprinkled with sea salt.  To eat them, you just need to give it a gentle squeeze at the ends to pop the beans out of the pod.


The Thai Chicken Wings ($11.00) are just as tasty here as they are at any other Cactus Club location.


I found that the Fish Tacos ($14.00) weren’t as good as I expected them to be.  For one thing, the hand-stretched tortillas were a bit hard and inflexible which made the “soft taco” a little difficult to maneouver.  The filling of lingcod, chipotle aioli, shredded green cabbage, and salsa fresca was fresh and tasted pretty good but it was way too wet for my liking.  I practically had to pour the excess juice out of the shell before eating it.  The combined factors of the wet filling and the stiff tortilla resulted in the tortilla being soaked through in the middle and a bit messy to say the least.


5500 No. 3 Road
Richmond, BC

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