Thai New West – Thai Food in Sapperton

You know, I love restaurant names that are unambiguous.  Take, for example, Thai New West… it’s a Thai restaurant located in New West.  It’s not like Cambie Vietnamese Restaurant that’s not actually on Cambie St.

On the March weekend that we came by this Sapperton establishment, it was sunny and bright outside.  Unfortunately, it was terribly cold inside the restaurant and we had to keep our jackets on to stay warm.  The interior of this restaurant is very minimalistic in decor with beige walls accented with brown and black tones in the tables and chairs and dim overhead lighting from the chandeliers.

While it wasn’t especially busy when we arrived, it seemed to take a while for the food to arrive – I’ll assume that means that they make everything to order and don’t have it pre-made and ready to serve.

We started with the Satay Gai ($8.00) – which came with tender marinated chicken on skewers along with smooth and creamy peanut sauce.   Loved the shrimp chips (at least I think they were shrimp chips).


Gaeng Kiew Wan ($12.00) – green curry chicken with bamboo shoots, eggplant, and peppers in a curry sauce made with coconut milk and green curry paste.  This is one of my favourite dishes to order at Thai restaurants and works great with rice.  It’s a mild type of curry so you don’t have to worry with it being too hot.


We decided to stick with another basic dish – the Pad Thai Prawn ($12.00) – the prawns had a nice snap when bitten into and was served with tofu, egg, bean sprouts, chives, and ground peanuts all stir-fried with rice noodles.


While the interior was a bit chilly, the food was prepared quite well.  One of the things to know about the street parking outside is that they don’t use traditional parking meters… they have blue pay parking stations spaced out along the street so you have to look for it (and remember your license plate).

424 E Columbia Street
New Westminster, BC

Thai New West on Urbanspoon

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