Lucky’s Doughnuts – Chocolate Old Fashioned and Coconut Bismark

“Wanna get lucky?”… before you get the wrong idea, I’m talking about Lucky’s Doughnuts.

If you’ve never had Lucky’s Doughnuts (located in the 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters on Main St), take a look at our last post.

On a recent visit, we picked up a few varieties that we’ve never had before including the Coconut Bismark which had a coconut cream centre with vanilla glaze and topped with Swiss meringue and toasted coconut ribbon.  The Swiss meringue tasted a little bit like marshmallow.  Aside from the toasted coconut ribbon (which I’m generally not a big fan of), I enjoyed this.


We also picked up the Tiramisu and the Chocolate Old Fashioned.  They had just brought out a fresh batch of the chocolate old fashioned and it was still soft and warm when we got it.  If you’re a fan of chocolate, you’ll want to try this out.  It was a moist cake-based doughnut topped with chocolate ganache and chocolate flakes.


They say the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach… so if you want to get lucky… go down and grab some Lucky’s doughnuts.

Update:  We keep trying to come down to Lucky’s to try out new varieties but we seem to always visit when the same doughnuts are available.  The only new one that we managed to try this time was the Crème Brûlée which was topped with a hard caramel and stuffed with a creamy custard filling.


Apparently, they’ll be moving their Kits location 9 doors down to the corner of W 4th and Yew pretty soon… and good news is that they’ll have a donut kitchen there!

2902 Main Street
Vancouver, BC

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