Shiang Garden Seafood Restaurant

The one thing that always seems certain when going for dim sum in Richmond is that parking is always a concern.  Even when space is plentiful, you’re still at the mercy of bad drivers or people who insist on backing their minivans into parking stalls (I’m not against backing into a parking space per se but if it takes you more than 2 tries… maybe you shouldn’t bother).

The inside of Shiang Garden is expansive and a bit over-the-top with the chandeliers, large oil paintings on the wall, and fabrics on the tables and chairs.  We were fortunate enough to come early enough on a Sunday morning that it was practically empty inside.


The Chinese Donut Rice Roll had a crunchy Chinese donut encased in a super velvety soft and smooth rice roll wrapper.


We don’t order Steamed BBQ Pork Buns that often but the  main thing that I enjoy about them is the filling.   While these were soft and fluffy, I think the filling was missing something… maybe needed more bbq flavour.


The Siu Mai were quite large and had a plentiful amount of shrimp in them.


We wanted another dumpling so we ordered the Shrimp and Chive Dumpling – there was plenty of fresh chopped chives in this and the aroma was refreshing when I bit into the dumpling.


I kind of missed the peas from the Steamed Beef Balls but, besides that, they were enjoyable.


Our last dish was the Pan Fried Pancake with Beef.  I found that the pancake was a bit thicker than at some other places.  The pancake was also quite oily but that probably explains how they managed to make the exterior so crispy.   I did enjoy the contrasting chewy interior texture with the crispiness on the outside.  The filling contained cucumber, green onions and thick slices of beef which made it difficult to bite through.


Not exactly the best dim sum I’ve had (with certain dishes being better than others) but not very memorable either.

4540 No. 3 Road
Richmond, BC

Shiang Garden Seafood Restaurant 敘香園海鮮酒樓 on Urbanspoon

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