Hog Shack Cook House – BBQ in Steveston

Just to be clear, I’m not a BBQ aficionado… “Kansas City” style BBQ?  I honestly have no clue.  My level of BBQ knowledge is pretty much summarized by the few months of the year that we fire up the grill in the backyard.  That’s not to say that I don’t know what I like though. 

I do notice that there seems to be a big difference in preferences between different kinds of BBQ styles… almost so feverish that it’s reminiscent of the 80’s Cold War era (or even the 80’s Cola War era).

In any case, we were in Richmond in mid-April and decided to head out to Steveston for lunch.  Hog Shack is located on Bayview Street, fairly close to Kari House.  The interior pretty much smacks you on the side of the head when you enter  – there’s nothing subtle here… right down to the red and white checker plastic tablecloths… this place screams BBQ.


It was dead when we visited around 11:30am – perhaps all of the clouds outside were keeping people away.  We started out with the Pulled Pork Sandwich lunch special with seafood chowder.  The pulled pork was a bit dry and could have used some more BBQ sauce to enhance the flavour.  Plus, I found that it could have used a bit more coleslaw in it.  It’s probably more of a personal preference but I found the bun to be underwhelming… it was soft and felt like filler.  The seafood chowder, however, was actually pretty good and was both creamy and filled with good chunks of seafood.


We decided to pick up a side order of Cornbread ($5).  We were actually surprised that it came with 4 mini loaves and wound up having to take some home with us.  The cornbread was a bit dry but that’s fairly common so I just slathered it with some butter.  Not the best cornbread that I’ve had but it was pretty good and it came served warm.

Unfortunately, they didn’t have any burnt ends when we visited so we had to settle for an order of Smoked Crispy Pork Rib Ends ($11) instead.  It was a fairly large order for an appetizer portion.  The meat was pretty dry – I suspect from the smoking process.  It actually reminded me a bit of jerky.


We also ordered the Chili Cheese Fries ($9) appy which was way bigger than I was expecting.  Surprisingly, it wasn’t very cheesy and the chili wasn’t as wet as I would have preferred but the fries were super crispy and I couldn’t stop eating them.


So if you’re looking for something other than fish and chips when you’re out in Steveston, you might want to try out Hog Shack.

160 – 3900 Bayview Street
Richmond, BC


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