Hula Dog – Hawaii 2013

So what’s a Hula Dog?  It’s not a canine performing a hula dance on YouTube.  It’s not a new dance meme craze from Korea… It’s a twist on the good old fashioned hot dog. 

IMG_20130530_144906They take a hollowed out loaf of bread and toast the inside using a special toaster.  You choose the type of sauce and relish that you want and they put the whole thing together for you.

Unlike a traditional hot dog bun, you hold this one kind of like a burrito.

Originally called a “Puka Dog” (puka means hole in Hawaiian), they opened up their first stand in Kehaka/Kauai in 2000.

By 2007, they opened their shop on the Kuhio side of the International Market Place.

If you’re still feeling a little confused about the whole thing, they have a large sign in front of the shop that explains how to order your Hula Dog.

The main problem with this place is that there’s no consistency in the quality of preparation.  Our first Hula Dog was great.  When we came back later in the evening, we got a different person serving us and he didn’t make the Hula Dog as good as the first person.

Those red taps that you see in the picture below are their sauce dispensers.


On our first visit, we ordered a Polish sausage in FBI bread – don’t ask me why it’s called that (it’s some kind of honey oat bread I think).  We topped the whole thing off with the mango relish and lilikoi mustard.  As you can see, our first server took his time and carefully make sure that the “puka” was covered in the sauce before he inserted the sausage (and then he topped it all off with some more sauce).


IMG_20130530_214902As you can imagine, the first Hula Dog that we had was awesome.  In each bite, you got the flavourful sauce, the crisp/crunchy texture of the toasted interior of the bun, the meaty sausage, and the soft exterior of the bun.

On our second visit, it looks like the dude just poured some of the sauce into the bottom of the hole and then put the sausage inside.  The result was that 3/4 of the Hula Dog had little to no sauce.

So it really depends on who serves you here.  If they know what they’re doing, you’ll get an unbelievable snack.

Definitely try the lilikoi (passion fruit) mustard and their fresh squeezed lemonade is pretty good too.

2301 Kuhio Avenue *UPDATE: Moved to 2370 Kuhio Ave inside Food Pantry
Honolulu, Hawaii
Twitter: @HulaDogWaikiki
Facebook: Hula Dog on Facebook

Hula Dog on Urbanspoon

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