Won Kee Sea Food – Hawaii 2013

For our last day in Hawaii, we decided to visit Foster Botanical Garden (the oldest botanical garden in Hawaii dating back to the 1800’s) which is conveniently located near Chinatown.  After our usual problem with directions, we managed to find the place and enjoyed a few hours of wandering through the various flora.

The staff at Foster recommended that we walk over to Chinatown and check out some places near the Chinatown Cultural Plaza Center.  Since it was between lunch and dinner time, we weren’t sure what was going to be open.  Actually, the first restaurant that we tried was closed because of a wedding or some other event.

We wound up in Won Kee Sea Food which was decidedly empty upon our arrival.  Since they were still serving dim sum, we ordered a bunch of items.

The Taro Dumplings had a good filling inside and I think the taro was fluffier in texture than we normally get back at home.  The Deep Fried Meat Dumplings had the usual nice chewy dough but the filling was a bit sparse.


The Deep Fried Shrimp Dumplings had a really crispy shell and plump shrimp inside.  The Bean Curd Rolls picture wound up a bit fuzzy.


Siu Mai is a fairly standard dim sum item that you’ll find anywhere.  Same with the Minced Beef Balls.


The Watercress Shrimp Dumpling has a thicker skin to it and it was a little difficult to pick up without falling apart.

The Beef Rice Rolls turned out to actually be Shrimp Rice Rolls but we weren’t complaining.


Since we skipped breakfast, we were starving and we might have ordered too much food.  The House Special Chow Mein had plenty of toppings served on top of the crispy noodles.


Some more standard dim sum dishes included the Har Gow and Spareribs.


In all, the food was pretty good (or it might have been that we were just really hungry).  Although there was nothing that really stood out, the prices were very reasonable with small dishes at only $2.30 each and large dishes at $2.95 each.

I’m not sure if this is usual at Won Kee or if it’s common in dim sum restaurants in Hawaii but I noticed that they didn’t clear off the empty dishes from our table.

100 N Beretania St
Honolulu, Hawaii

Facebook: Won Kee Sea Food Restaurant on Facebook

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