Outpost Mini Donut Co

Who doesn’t love mini donuts?  Along with funnel cakes and deep fried oreos, they are the main reason why we go to the PNE.

IMG_20130412_121017So when I heard that they had a place that’s devoted their whole shop to mini donuts out in Steveston, I knew I had to try them out.

As it turns out, it’s sometimes difficult to know when they’ll be open.  While their Facebook page lists certain hours, I’ve been out to Steveston before looking for a mini donut fix but being disappointed because they were closed.

This Saturday in mid-April was no different.  While they were supposed to be open, we found nothing but a locked door when we initially came by.  Instead, we went to have some lunch at Hog Shack Cook House and then aimed at trying out our luck afterwards.

Fortunately, when we came back after lunch, Outpost was open and we could smell the aroma of the mini donuts wafting through the air.

The first thing that you notice is that these aren’t those cinnamon and sugar sprinkled mini donuts that you get at The Fair (although they do have those too).  There’s so many flavours to choose from:  Fresh Lemon, Coconut Paradise, Boston Cream, Blue Berry, and Maple Bacon to name a few.

We wound up picking up 2 dozen of these tasty morsels to go but, if you have the time, you should really eat these on-site.  They have one of those neat mini donut machines in the shop where you can watch them being made fresh and they have that great crispy texture when they just come out of the fryer.


110 – 12240 Second Avenue
Richmond, BC

Twitter: @OutpostMDC

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