Paradise Donair

I was originally planning on trying out Ole Ole Mexican Deli for lunch one weekday in April but was disappointed when they weren’t open.  Fortunately, I knew that Paradise Donair was located pretty nearby so I decided to give them a try.

First thing to know is that there is a small inside dining area next door (in the adjoining coffee shop).  But it seems that most people come here to grab their meal to go.  There’s also a small covered patio outside but it’s not entirely clean and it can get chilly on a cold or rainy day.  The interior of this shop was very hot when I visited – I only imagine that some of the heat was coming from the three rotisserie spits.


Whether you call them donairs, gyros or shawarmas, the thing that they all have in common is that they’re all just meat wrapped in bread.  Paradise Donair has a few pre-set types of donairs or you can choose to make your own.  All of the donairs use the same flat pita bread (which is a thin pita pocket used to hold the filling).  The thing that distinguishes the different sizes (small / medium / large)  is the amount of meat that they use.


I picked up a medium Turkish Lamb Donair ($5) and the amount of filling was pretty good.  More importantly, the lamb tasted good and it was a filling meal for lunch.


I came back for another visit in late May and decided to get the large instead for $6.  If you buy 2 large donairs, you get a free can of pop too.  Since I knew the lamb tasted good from my last visit, I decided to get the Large Greek Lamb Donair and I wasn’t disappointed.


The Large Caribbean Chicken Donair was equally impressive as the chicken was moist and a bit spicy.  For the extra price, go with the large size if you’re feeling hungry

723 12th Street
New Westminster, BC

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