Krispy Kreme

There was a time in Vancouver when, if you were looking for those sweet, yeast-raised doughnuts from Krispy Kreme, you had to travel across the border into the States to get your fix.  Back in the day, there weren’t as many places to get doughnuts other than Tim Hortons.

Then, as if in answer to our prayers, a Krispy Kreme opened up in Delta and the lineups were epic… especially when their Hot Now sign was lit up (signalling to patrons that they could get a free original glazed doughnut).  Apparently, they have smartphone apps now that tell you the location of the nearest Hot Now store.

Over the years, the lineups seem to have disappeared.  That might be owing to the fact that a lot of charities sell boxes of Krispy Kreme doughnuts almost every other weekend.

I’ve often found that their original glazed doughnut was quite sweet and I tend to prefer their other doughnuts.  So when we were out in Surrey recently, we picked up a dozen mixed including the special Cookies and Kreme cake made with Oreo, the Glazed Raspberry, the Chocolate Iced Kreme, the Chocolate Old Fashioned, the Cookies and Kreme doughnut, the Glazed Old Fashioned, the Glazed Kreme, the Powdered Strawberry, the Chocolate Sprinkles, and the Chocolate Custard.


All of their doughnuts tend to be more on the sweeter side but they were quite good and a lot cheaper than some of the new specialty donut shops like Cartems or Lucky’s.

7153 120th Street
Delta, BC

Krispy Kreme on Urbanspoon


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