Bernie’s Balkan Kitchen – Burek and Schnitzel

Bernie’s Balkan Kitchen has been located near the corner of Kingsway and Edmonds for a number of years but, as I understand it, they plan on moving due to the impending redevelopment of the area. 

As I mentioned on my post on the nearby Balkan House, the term “Balkan” can refer to a number of Eastern and Southeastern European countries.

On my first visit, I decided to try their Chicken Schnitzel with Rice ($8.99) served with goulash gravy.  The chicken was tender and was encrusted with a crispy breading.  By itself, it was fine… but adding the beef goulash gravy was the kicker.


I enjoyed it so much that I came back later to pick up some burek for dinner.  I’ve never heard of burek before but the friendly staff were happy to explain it all.  They have 3 different varieties:  cheese, cheese and spinach, and beef… all of which, they assured me, were quite filling and they make fresh every day.  I picked up a cheese and spinach burek and a beef burek to go ($7.50 gets you a quarter of the round burek sliced in two) and I tossed it in the oven for ten minutes to heat it up and get the crispiness back.


The burek is made with wonderfully flaky phyllo and it is indeed filling despite how light and airy the phyllo is. They also have a few other items available at lunch like stuffed peppers and cabbage rolls.

7340 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC

***Update: Bernie’s has moved to 3484 Kingsway (@ the Ramada Hotel) in Vancouver

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  1. where did they move too? I went there a few months ago and they had left a hand written sign in the window saying, they’re moving to another Kingsway location…. but where?

    • I’ve heard rumors that their new location is 3484 Kingsway in Vancouver but it’s unconfirmed. If they’re not open yet, I’m assuming they probably have to renovate first.

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