Sea Harbour Seafood Restaurant – Dim Sum

Sea Harbour was recently honoured as the Greater Vancouver’s Critic’s Choice Award – Most Awarded Chinese Restaurant for having the won 8 Critic’s Choice Awards with Signature Dishes from 2009 to 2013.  We stopped by for dim sum on a rainy late-April Saturday morning and didn’t have trouble getting seated – although as the morning proceeds, it does get busier and reservations might be a good idea.

Located across from the River Rock Casino, Sea Harbour has tall, coffered ceilings and large mirrors with gold stenciling that expanse the walls creating an illusion that the room is even larger than it is.

Pan Fried Eggplant stuffed with Cuttlefish in black bean sauce (L) is slightly different than the usual shrimp paste filling that we get but the cuttlefish (which is roughly shaped into a ball) had a plump and tasty filling.

The Steamed Cilantro and Ground Beef Rice Roll (L) was a much larger dish than we were expecting and it was more like a deconstructed beef rice roll dish but nonetheless fulfilling.  Unlike most beef rice roll dishes that we get which come served with three to four rolls stuffed with beef, this dish had the ground beef and cilantro interspersed among the soft steamed rice rolls.


We wanted a familiar dumpling so we wound up ordering the Siu Mai – Steamed Pork and Shrimp Dumpling (M) – it was pretty good with a decent filling.

I wasn’t, however, a huge fan of the Steamed Taro and Preserved Meat Cake (M).  I think I was expecting this dish to be a bit softer like most other Wu Tau Go that I’ve had but the large chunks of taro were a bit dry and I couldn’t really make out the type of preserved meat that they used.  We wound up using some of the sauce from the previous rice roll dish to soften it up which also helped to add some flavour to it.


One of the other different dishes that we tried was the Deep Fried Pea Sprouts Fish Paste Cake rolled with Rice Noodle (L).  It had an interesting texture with a slight crisp from the savory deep fried fish cake mixed with the soft rice roll.

We ended our meal with the Fresh Papaya Pudding (M) – the pudding itself didn’t taste a lot like papaya and was fairly firm in texture.  I suppose they needed it to be so that it would keep its shape inside the papaya.  But when you mix the pudding with the flesh of the papaya, it is better (but mango pudding probably would have been better).


150 – 8888 River Road
Richmond, BC

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