Yolk’s Breakfast – Duck Confit

I haven’t tried many of the food carts in Vancouver but I have tried out Yolk’s when they were at the Farmers Market and knew that I wanted to try out one of their famous egg creations.

On this visit, I had to go down to their regular haunt outside of the Stadium Skytrain station.


I’ve heard people rave about the Truffle-Lemon Hashbrown Skewer ($2.75) so I had to give it a go.  It might be because I’m more of a crispy hash brown kind of guy but I wasn’t really wowed by it… the flavour wasn’t bad but it was subtle.

My real reason for coming here was to try out one of their poached egg sandwiches and I was lucky enough that they were serving up their Fraser Valley Duck Confit & Free Range Egg Sandwich with Ginger Marmalade and Cracklings.  They gave me the requisite warning that the poached egg is runny and armed me with some napkins and a wet wipe and off I went to enjoy my breakfast.


I’m not usually a big fan of duck confit but I have to admit that they really nailed it in this sandwich… the duck was so tender and succulent.  And just look at that perfectly runny (yet messy) yolk!  This definitely isn’t anything like the regular breakfast sandwich that you’d get at a McD’s.  Oh, and did I mention the ginger marmalade on top?  Winner Winner Ginger Marmalade Dinner!


Seriously – try one of their poached egg sandwiches!

Food Truck
Vancouver, BC


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  1. I want you to know….I’m drooling on my keyboard. That looks and sounds amazing! Oh, to be in Vancouver right now.

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