Sawasdee Thai – Delicious Curries

Sawasdee Thai is a popular family-run restaurant that’s been serving up Thai fare on Main Street since 1986.  This restaurant has been on my list of places to try for a long time but they don’t open for lunch on the weekend so I had to wait until this past May when I had a chance to try out one of their lunch specials.

Like U & I Thai on Cambie Street, Sawasdee has a large sky light that lets in the sun.  The small seating area in the front of the restaurant has plenty of natural lighting but there’s also plenty of seating in the back on an slightly elevated area that seems darker and more cozy.  The yellow, green, and red walls mimics the different curry sauces available here.

The lunch special is a pretty good value and I opted for the Traditional Thai Green Curry Chicken lunch special ($8.75) which came with a crispy spring roll tightly stuffed with vermicelli noodles and mushrooms and a skewer of satay chicken on top of a slice of tomato and cucumber.  I found the chicken satay was a bit dry but it was tasty with the peanut sauce.

I like that the curry came served in a bowl which let me control the amount of sauce that I mixed with the rice… Who am I kidding?  I practically drenched my rice with the yummy curry sauce!  I asked for a medium level of spiciness and it was pretty respectable.  I probably could have stood with a bit more kick but the heat tends to build up the more you eat the dish (especially if you slurp down the sauce).  The curry did come with a seriously huge amount of bamboo shoots.


I wanted to try some of their other dishes so I brought back some take-out with me.  Sawasdee is one of the few places that I’ve seen where they give you the choice of either tamarind or ketchup sauce with their pad thai.  I opted for the Pad Thai – Tamarind Sauce ($10.50) and quite enjoyed it.  To me, it seemed to be a more delicate flavour than some of the ketchup versions I’ve had elsewhere.

Anytime I go to a Thai restaurant, I look to see if they have red curry with duck because that’s my favourite (even more than green curry chicken).  So it’s no wonder that I picked up the Roasted Duck Red Curry ($12.95) which came in a delicious sauce with pineapple, bell peppers, tomato, basil, grapes and bamboo shoots.  You really can’t go wrong with ordering this dish!


4250 Main Street
Vancouver, BC

Sawasdee Thai on Urbanspoon

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