Dinky Dawgs (Whistler 2013)

Dinky Dawgs is one of the food shops that we noticed on our last visit to Whistler but didn’t have the time to try.  Tucked away in a little side street, it’s easy to miss.

Dinky Dawgs originated in Whistler but I hear that they’ve opened up in Vancouver too.  The concept sounds good… toppings, toppings, and more toppings.  You can get one of their pre-set specialty hot dogs or create your own masterpiece by picking which toppings that you want.


They were having a $5 special going on when we visited so we tried their Chili Dawg topping on a Whistler brat.  It wasn’t the best hot dog that I’ve had… I thought the bratwurst wasn’t completely hot and the bun was just way oversized for the hot dog.  Perhaps they need a large bun to hold all of the toppings but I thought it was just a lot of filler and there was nothing special about the bun.


We wound up ripping off chunks of the bun so we could get to the hot dog and filling.  They do have a lot of different toppings available so maybe this was just a bad choice.

If you’re looking for a hot dog in Whistler, I’d probably stick to Zog’s Dogs.

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113 – 4368 Main Street
Whistler, BC

Twitter: @DinkyDawgs

Dinky Dawgs on Urbanspoon

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