Quattro (Whistler 2013) – Beef Tenderloin and Pork Rack Chop

As I mentioned previously, although being “dog friendly”, trying to dine out with your pooch really limits your options.  Because of this, most of our dining at Whistler was limited to patio or take-out options.  For our last dinner at Whistler, we were all excited about trying Thai in the Village only to find out that they were closed on that day.  We decided on Quattro instead as we enjoyed our meal at their Vancouver location.

We placed our order and I started to trek out to pick up our meal.  Unfortunately, addresses up at Whistler can get confusing… especially when you have restaurants located inside hotels.  Thankfully, I had my phone with me and I was able to use the mapping software to help.

Quattro at Whistler is located in the Pinnacle Hotel.  I must have walked by this place 2-3 times and didn’t even see it.  There’s a small wooden sign that points you towards the entrance to the restaurant.  Immediately upon seeing the fresco-inspired walls, I knew I finally arrived.


This beautiful cut of meat was their Fraser Valley Smoked Pork Rack Chop ($33) with caramelized pear succo.  While being a tremendously thick piece of pork, this bone-in chop was perfectly cooked and full of flavour.


Mesquitte Grilled Beef Tenderloin ($38) with marsala onion succo.  I had asked for the tenderloin to be cooked medium-rare but it seemed to look more like medium when I sliced into this steak.  Despite this, the beef was super tender and I loved the onions that was smothering it.

The pork rack chop and the tenderloin were so filling that we wound up taking some of the complimentary bread home with us and it was still good when we heated it up in the oven.


Both entrées came with roasted potatoes, red pepper, a sweet potato-like puree and salted greens.  I’m not usually one to like added salt in my food but I have to admit that the sea salt really brought out the flavours of the veggies.


Well worth almost getting lost.

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4319 Main Street
Whistler, BC

Twitter: @QuattroWhistler

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