Purebread (Whistler 2013) – Scones, Nutella Krispie, and Lemon Chevre Brownie

Up until recently, if you were looking for baked products from Purebread, you’d either have to head out to their location at Function Junction or hit them up at a local farmer’s market.

Thankfully, they’ve opened a much anticipated location right in the Whistler Olympic Plaza area making it easy for tourists to be tempted by their freshly baked products.


We visited about a week after they opened and picked up a Chili Cheddar Cornbread as well as a Lemon Sugar Bun.  The sugar-coated bun was light, airy and flaky and filled with delicious lemon cream.  We liked it so much that we wound up coming back to pick up some items for our return trip to Vancouver.


It’s almost overwhelming how many delectable pastries they have in store.  The ones that really caught our attention were the scones and we wound up picking up a few different varieities.


The Lavender Earl Grey, the Lemon Basil Blueberry and the Ginger Cream Scones.  Next to the Apricot Vanilla Bean Scone is the Nutella Krispie and the Lemon Chevre Brownie.


All of the scones were awesome – wish we could get these everyday in Vancouver.  And yes, the nutella krispie is the perfect combination of rice krispie treat and nutella.  My favourite was the lemon chevre brownie – moist and rich from the chevre with a light and refreshing lemon flavour.

As I understand it, now that they’ve opened up a location in the village, they won’t be available at the Whistler Farmer’s Market anymore so make sure you stop by their store and get your fix on.

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122 – 4338 Main Street
Whistler, BC

Twitter: @PureBreadWhis

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