Seb’s Market Café – Elk Benny Breakfast

Seb’s Market Café has been serving up tasty creations on the corner of East Broadway and Carolina since 2004.  I’ve had my eye on this place for a long time because they open early for breakfast (6:30am M-F and 7:30am on the weekends) and I’ve been having trouble finding early morning breakfast locations on the weekends.

As I’m not a coffee person, I chose the Hot Chocolate ($2.50) to start my morning.  I was surprised at the size of the large glass mug that it came in.


Seb’s has some interesting options on their menu.  I couldn’t decide on the type of benny to order so my waitress recommended Seb’s Seared Elk Medallion Benny ($12).  It’s served with homecut potatoes, fruit, and the benny is served on savory biscuits instead of an English muffin.  Instead of hollandaise, they give you the option of a havarti sauce, curry pineapple, or wild berry sauce).  I opted for the creamy havarti sauce and wasn’t disappointed.


The certified organic eggs were not completely runny but had a nice bright yellow/orange hue.  I found that the elk was a bit overcooked for my liking as the meat was somewhat chewy.  A medium-rare would have been prefereable but that’s just my personal taste.  In either case, the meat wasn’t as gamey as I would have thought it would have been.


The potatoes had a nice crunch on the skin and the fresh fruit included watermelon, honeydew, cantaloupe, strawberry, and pineapple.  All together, Seb’s is a nice spot to grab an early morning breakfast while listening to the classicial music playing in the background.

Note: Seb’s is currently listed as closed on Urbanspoon.

592 E Broadway
Vancouver, BC

Seb's Market Café on Urbanspoon


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