Phekda Chinese Restaurant – Spot Prawns 2013

Phekda Chinese Restaurant is located along the busy 2500-block of Kingsway.  I remember many moon ago having to take piano lessons in a now defunct music store on this block.  Honestly, the only thing I truly remember about those lessons were reading Archie comics while I was waiting for my lesson to start and buying O-Pee-Chee hockey cards in a nearby grocery store afterwards.

We came to Phekda to try out their spot prawns (I guess our visit the night before at the Rose Garden for spot prawns wasn’t enough for us).

The price at Phekda was $16/lb and we wound up getting 6 lbs prepared 2 different ways.  At first, we tried ordering 8 lbs but, as usual, the waiter didn’t think that we needed that much.  As it turned out, I’m sure we could have polished off the other 2 lbs easily.  I liked their presentation better than Rose Garden and they were very quick in changing out our plates.


The second prawn dish that came out was quite sticky and messy and they don’t provide you with anything to clean your hands with.


To continue with our “finger food”, we progressed to the 2 course Peking Duck and Duck Lettuce Wrap.  The Peking Duck was a bit fatty but came with lots of shrimp chips.


We had high hopes for the Oyster Hot Pot but I found the oysters to be very salty and overcooked.


Every good Chinese meal should have some kind of vegetable dish so we got the pea tips sautéed with garlic.

Lastly, an order of Salted Fish and Chicken Fried Rice.


Instead of red bean soup, they serve a sweet potato and ginger soup for dessert which is popular in Hong Kong.


2568 Kingsway
Vancouver, BC

Phekda Chinese Restaurant 福怡軒海鮮餐館 on Urbanspoon


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