Saffron Indian Cuisine

To eat AYCE or not to eat AYCE… that is the question.  While you could order off of the à la carte menu, the buffet is a better deal and you get to have a variety of dishes.

Saffron has a lunch buffet 7 days a week and a dinner buffet from Sunday to Wednesday which does fairly brisk business.

If you’re worried about the spiciness of some of the curries, you should order either the Mango Lemonade or the Mango Shake like we did.


Butter Chicken and Prawn Masala.  Take my advice… grab a bowl of the butter chicken sauce and use it as a dip for the complimentary naan and pita bread that comes with the buffet.

Beef Vindaloo and Garlic Chicken.  Both of these dishes were rather spicy so it’s no surprise that they were my favourites.  During my school days, I used to watch countless Red Dwarf episodes where Lister would rave about a good vindaloo.


Palak Paneer and Eggplant Masala.  The eggplant dish was really good.  They use an eggplant that is much smaller than the variety that you normally see in western supermarkets.

Mixed Vegetables and Vegetable Biryani.  I know it fills you up, but you have to get some rice to sop up all of the delicious sauces.


Rice and Tandoori Chicken.

Jackfruit Pakora and Vegetable Samosas.  The pakoras were awesome and had the perfect amount of crispness to them.


Naan and Roti.  My preference is for the naan which is the fluffier one on the left.  That being said, they were both great at sopping up the rich sauces.


The food here is quite satisfying but the problem with having AYCE at Saffron is that the food is so rich that you really can’t eat very much of it.


There is also a small salad/dessert station but be warned… some of those desserts are really sweet.

5 – 4300 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC

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  1. How much for the AYCE?

  2. nice review. I agree about your AYCE experience…i too have eaten at Saffron and a few other Indian, chinese and japanese buffets….my problem is i love indian food and i need to be careful to not overdo it and eat everything in sight like it’s my last meal on earth. So i learned to just order 3-4 choice dishes and enjoy the meal in the restaurant or at home as a takeout . I often imagine living far away from Vancouver in some small B.C. town that has no variety and or ethnic restaurants like we all enjoy here (trust me, the food sucks for the most part outside metro city limits)….and i do my best to slow down my eating and try to savor each bite. Except of course if i’m having really good butter chicken or a gourmet well prepped burger….then i get out a snorkel and dive in . 🙂

  3. Jackfruit pakora?! How was that? I love jackfruit! I used to pass the restaurant a lot but assumed the food wasn’t good. Looks like I’ll be making a trip there:)

    • I liked it. But I was back there on another day and they had some other type of pakora so I don’t think it’s a regular item on the buffet. Personally, I’m trying to cut back on the AYCE Indian buffets… I’m always sooo stuffed afterwards.

      • To AYCE or not though?! LOL. Seriously. I eat a lot of rice with the curry as well as naan and it seems like AYCE would be a better deal. The only AYCE I have been to is one on Main Street and I hated it. It was only vegetarian so we had to order meat curries off the menu. Those Indian sweets too.. ommmg, so innocent looking but they’re bursting with sweetness! I could never handle those.

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