La Casa Gelato

Back when we used to go to school in the area, La Casa Gelato used to be located on Commercial Dr near Trout Lake.  It wasn’t until 1994 that they moved to Venables and cultivated a line up that rivaled their growing selection of gelato and sorbetto flavours.

Their dinstinctive pink store is easy to spot… just look for the throngs of patrons.  The shop itself is rather large – it has to be considering they have 218 (of their 500+) flavours available at any one time.  Countless hordes descend here to try out the free samples but I’m a bit surprised that they are so popular.  From the flavours that I sampled, they were mostly muted compared with other gelatos and sorbettos that I’ve had at other places and some were way off the mark.  I think if they focussed on a smaller selection of flavours instead of trying to have every flavour under the sun, they might be able to control their quality better.  That being said… they don’t seem to be hurting for business so they must know what they are doing.

Make sure that you buy your token from the “Gelato Nazi” first (does the owner ever smile?) and they’ll exchange your money for a colour-coded poker chip that you can use to buy your selection.  When we visited, it was $5 for a single scoop or $7 for a double.

Oreo Mint and Orange Mango Sorbetto.


They really need to get more staff working here because it can be difficult to flag someone down when there are crowds of people looking for free samples.  If you don’t mind the long lineups and the loud music in the store, this is a good local place to grab a cool treat and they’re sure to have almost any flavour that you can think of.

1033 Venables
Vancouver, BC

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