Chad Thai – North Burnaby Thai Food

As I’ve mentioned previously, the 4000 block of E Hastings in Burnaby is chock full of quality dining establishments.   Just look at our posts on Broken RiceChez Meme, and Valley Bakery.  Chad Thai is a rather narrow restaurant with plain yellow walls and dark brown tables.  When I arrived for lunch mid-week in late May, it wasn’t too busy so service was quick.

Like many Thai restaurants, Chad offers lunch specials which includes appetizers for a reasonable price.  I decided on the Green Curry Chicken ($8.99) which came with a very basic green salad and crispy wontons.  There was nothing wrong with the salad and it was fresh but it seemed to be rather plain just consisting of lettuce and carrot slivers.  Even the addition of some cucumber slices would have perked it up.   The crispy wontons were stuffed with ground meat (chicken I think) and were pretty good but on the smaller side.


You can specify the level of spiciness for your dish and my server recommended “hot” for me because I said that I didn’t mind it being spicy.  As it turned out, the “hot” really wasn’t the least bit spicy.  I’m not sure if they just got my order wrong or if this is what they really consider “hot”.  At most places, I would consider this to be more of a low to medium level of spiciness.

The curry came with red bell peppers, green beans, Thai basil, eggplant, and baby corn in addition to the chunks of chicken.  While there really wasn’t anything wrong with the curry, there also wasn’t anything that wow’d me about the dish.  I felt the flavours weren’t very bold and that there was something lacking.  Perhaps some more Thai basil would have made a difference because I didn’t notice much in my dish.  I was also a little disappointed that there wasn’t any bamboo shoots in the curry (although I didn’t mind the baby corn).


Given the neighbourhood and their clientele, I’m assuming that they’ve designed their dishes to be friendly to the majority of their customers (hence the muted flavours – just like Lhy Thai).  The food came out quick and service was fairly attentive (but that might have been because it wasn’t busy when I came by).

4010 E Hastings
Burnaby, BC

Chad Thai on Urbanspoon


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