What8ver Cafe – Toast Box

Toast Box?  Whatever!  Or maybe it should be “What8ver Cafe”.

Just prior to our trip to Hawaii earlier this year, we went out with some family for some snacks and Toast Box.  Of course, the first thing that we asked was, “what’s Toast Box?”

IMG_20130525_192144IMG_20130525_191829It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like… toasted bread that’s in the shape of a box.

What8ver Cafe is a tiny little snack shop.  I think that our table must have taken up half of the restaurant.

Before our Toast Box arrived, we ordered a couple of drinks… the Kiwi Slush ($4.50) with mango stars ($1) and the Lychee Slush.

The drinks were large and quite good but there was a lot of noise from the mixing and crushing of ice in the blenders.  Given the small space, the noise makes conversation difficult.  You have to be careful drinking these as I kept getting brain freezes.

We ordered a couple of other snacks like the salty Squid Balls and the Bacon, Ham, and Corn Waffle ($6.50).  I was a bit disappointed that the waffle was soft and not crispy but the toppings were interesting.


We ordered 3 different Toast Boxes ($9.99 each)… the Strawberry, Green Tea and Red Bean, and Chocolate (with marshmallows and brownie pieces).  Underneath the fruit and ice cream are 9 pieces of bread and there’s honey drizzled over it so you get a mix of soft, crispy, sweet, and tart.


The box itself is edible but has a harder texture than the bread on the inside.  Overall, I think the strawberry version was the best.


Those things that look like potato chips were actually thinly sliced fish cakes… just as addictive though because they’re quite salty.  Speaking of addictive snack foods, try out their Taiwanese Deep Fried Chicken ($5.5)


If you’re looking for snack food and don’t mind a lot of carbs, you might want to try out a Toast Box.

1108 – 8328 Capstan Way
Richmond, BC

What8ver Cafe on Urbanspoon

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  1. Looks delicious!

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