Powell Street Festival – 2013

August 3rd and August 4th is the 37th annual Powell Street Festival this year at Oppenheimer Park which celebrates Japanese Canadian heritage.

Take a look at our previous posts here for 2011 and 2012.  The festival is open from 11:30am to 7:00pm and admission is free.


The main reason that we come here is to enjoy the food available at the stalls.

I’m kind of glad that the weather was a bit overcast in the morning because it can get hot waiting in the long lineups for food.

Yakisoba ($4.50) and Korokke ($1.50) from the Tenrikyo Church – still one of the best korokke we’ve had.


This year, we tried the Okonomiyaki (savory grilled pancake) from the Vancouver Japanese Language School.


The Okonomi Combo ($9.00) included the okonomiyaki and 2 chicken skewers.


The Vancouver Buddhist Temple is usually here with their sweet corn ($3).


And then there’s the Imagawayaki (3 for $5) from the Konko Church of Vancouver which has sweet azuki bean paste stuffed in the middle.


There’s always a long line for the Osaka Balls but I liked it better a few years ago when it was Takoyaki Balls.  Hapa Izakawa was also here but all they were selling was chicken karaage.

There’s actually a lot of small vendor tents set up where you can buy little knickknacks or you can just check out the entertainment like the taiko drumming.




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