Hon’s Wun-Tun House (New West)

Hon’s Wun-Tun House is a throwback to a simpler time and simpler place.  Walking into this little restaurant on 6th in New West (about a block away from Taqueria Playa Tropical) reminds me of all the small little diners that you used to be able to find in Chinatown before the great exodus.

The food here is simple but they are unabashed by it.  You kind of have to admire their gumption… if you don’t like the food here, they probably have no qualms over telling you to eat somewhere else.

I came by for lunch on a weekday and I was the only Asian there (aside from the staff).   The food came out fast and furiously after I ordered it.

First up was the Lunch Special Wun Tun Noodle Soup with 6 Potstickers ($6.95).  The wun tun had a pleasantly plump filling but I wasn’t overly sold on the noodles and soup which were a bit too salty for my preferences.


While my lunch special came with six pork potstickers, I also ordered another dozen potstickers for $5.75.  I really do like their potstickers.  It might be because I have memories of eating tons of these when we first moved out.  The dipping sauce needs a little work though.


This shiny dish is their House Special Chow Mein ($9) which came with an assortment of meat/seafood and veggies on crispy noodles.  The thick and slightly goopy gravy/sauce turns parts of the noodles soft so you get a combination of soft and crispy noodles as you eat it.  It’s not the best chow mein that I’ve had but it’s a filling dish.


If you’re looking for some fast westernized-Chinese eats or some yummy wun tun and potstickers, Hon’s Wun-Tun is probably one of the few places in this area of New West.

408 – 6th Street
New Westminster, BC


Hon's Wun Tun House 漢記 on Urbanspoon

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