Okonomi Sushi – Pink Sushi Rice

Apparently, there are 2 Okonomi Sushi restaurants in New West.  I decided to visit the location on Sixth Street on an early July weekday and the place was empty when I arrived (although it did get busier closer to noon).  The interior of the restaurant seemed fairly clean and was adorned with paper parasols and lanterns.

I ordered a Chicken Don ($7.95) which came with miso soup.  They also brought me some edamame beans to tide me over.


The chicken don was much better than I expected.  Okonomi is known for their pink rice and my donburi did come with the rice that’s been infused with beet and red cabbage juice.  It also came with carrots, nori, cabbage, egg, and glass noodles with “okonomi sauce”.


While the Motoyaki ($5.95) looked nice and the oysters seemed fresh, I didn’t really enjoy the dish as the sauce wasn’t creamy enough for me.

I also brought home a Red Dragon Roll ($8.95) which is made with their signature pink rice, tamago, unagi, and tobiko.


They have a lot of different rolls listed on their menu but I found that most of them were very similar with only slight differences between them.  The pink rice is a bit of a gimmick but I didn’t find it too distracting.  What I did notice, however, is that the waitresses tend to kneel beside you while they take your order… or at least they did for the other customers (generally elderly white patrons).

620 Sixth Street
New Westminster, BC


Okonomi Sushi on Urbanspoon

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