Screamers Soft Serve and Treats

If you’re out in Steveston during the summer months, one place you have to make sure you stop by is Screamers Soft Serve and Treats.

In addition to slushies and ice cream, they sell screamers (soft serve ice cream mixed with a slushy).  Their flavours change every now and again so check out their twitter feed to see what’s on tap.


After my delicious meal at Pajo’s, I picked up a Large Mug Root Beer Screamer ($4.75).  The soft serve is a bit thick so it’s hard to drink.  It’s best to grab a large bubble tea straw and also a spoon to make it easier.  I think I would have prefered more slushy and less soft serve but it was still a really great treat.


If you’re not in the mood for a screamer, try out one of their Pineapple Dole soft serves… it will have you thinking about Hawaii in no time flat.

Speaking of Dole, we brought Sophie out to Steveston in late July and grabbed a medium Vanilla/Pineapple Dole Cone ($3) and a Mini Lime Crush Screamer ($2).  I love lime crush so this was a no-brainer.


12211 Third Avenue
Richmond, BC

Screamers Soft Serve and Treats on Urbanspoon

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