La Chocolaterie – Coconama

While we were down at the Steveston Farmers Market in July, we came across a tent from La Chocolaterie (normally located in the Izumi-Ya Marketplace).

They call their unique and colourful chocolates “coconama style” for a few reasons:  1) They use a wide selection of innovative ingredients to mix with their chocolates.  2) The colour of their chocolates all comes from the natural ingredients that they use.  3) The special process that they use to create these tasteful treats combines the ingredients in such a way that the chocolates are superbly creamy and smooth.


We picked the Passion Fruit and Mango.  They use alphonso mangoes which is known for having a rich flavour and good sweetness.  Still, my favourite was the passion fruit… it was like eating a ray of sunshine.

7971 Alderbridge Way
Richmond, BC

La Chocolaterie on Urbanspoon


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  1. my favourites are earl grey, green tea and lemon basil (didn’t think i would like it as I don’t like basil). yums!

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