Pajo’s Fish & Chips (Garry Point)

Most visitors to Steveston know of Pajo’s on the Steveston Wharf.  It’s hard to miss the bright yellow umbrellas and the droves of customers lining up for freshly fried seafood.  What you might not know is that only a few blocks over in the nearby Garry Point Park is another Pajo’s location.

Garry Point makes for a nice walk after enjoying some fish and chips or just sitting around watching the kites fly in the large field.


Weekends here can be very busy… even more so given all of the sunny weather that we’ve been having lately.

Halibut Nuggets ($7.99), Salmon Nuggets ($7.49), Large Coleslaw ($4.49), Onion Rings ($4.99)


I was actually expecting the fish nuggets to be a lot smaller (both in portion size and quantity) but the pieces were plenty and filling.  Both the halibut and salmon were perfectly fried up and the coleslaw was crunchy and refreshing.

12011 7th Avenue
Richmond, BC

Pajo's Fish & Chips on Urbanspoon


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