Tip Thai Restaurant – Poco Thai

You can count the number of Thai restaurants around the Poco area on one hand.  One of these restaurants is the tiny Tip Thai Restaurant located on Shaugnessy Street in the city centre.  This place could probably only hold about 18-20 patrons at any one time but I think they do a lot of take-out orders.

On the weekday that I visited, it was rather quiet but there were locals coming in to pick up their orders throughout my meal.  The food comes out very quickly.


I ordered the Green Curry Lunch Special ($6.99) which came with a small salad and rice.  I asked the server how hot they make their curries because some Thai restaurants make it much tamer for their usual clientelle.  She said that they don’t make it very spicy for the “white people” and suggested that I go for the hot.

When it arrived, I could see the chili in the sauce that they used to make it hotter for me.  The curry comes with thick chunks of eggplant (which were thankfully very tender), peppers, and Thai basil in a relatively thin curry sauce.


While there is not a ton of chicken in this dish, the price point is very good given how tasty the dish was.  The hot version turned out to be perfect for me… enough to give me a bit of a sweat but not overpowering enough to mask the flavours.  I actually wound up drinking a lot of the curry sauce.

2606 Shaugnessy Street
Port Coquitlam, BC


Tip Thai Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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